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Service OVerview

Service offerings tailored to fit your needs

Individual Taxes

Death, taxes, and existential dread – the trifecta of adulthood. While I can't do much about death and existential dread, I can make your taxes a bit more bearable by handling them for you.

Business Taxes

Running a business – where 'fun' and 'accounting' rarely collide. Let me handle your business taxes so you can focus on the other 99 problems that come with being an entrepreneur.

Bookkeeping Services

In the thrilling saga of your business, bookkeeping is the sidekick no one asked for. We'll be your loyal sidekick, keeping your financial story straight, even if the plot is a bit boring.

Planning & Advisory

Predicting the future of taxes is like predicting the weather – mostly unreliable, but I'll give it a shot! Let me guide you through the financial fog with my expert tax advice, or at least a decent umbrella.

Tax Problem Resolution

So you got a letter in the mail from the IRS saying you owe a bunch of tax, huh? Send that letter to me and I can find a solution for you, or at least minimize the damage!


Not to worry! My service offerings don't stop at just tax return prep and bookkeeping. There's plenty more where that came from!

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